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KTIMATAGORA, a member of GLOBAL GROUP who takes action in Greece, Cyprus and in the international market, being expertised in construction investment real estate sector as well as specializes in renting and selling property and development of construction projects.

Guided by years of experience in the construction field as well as the investment field and with our consistency to our cleints society and the Environment, our cooperatives have as a principle to provide quality services.

The purpose of our business which inducements construction renovations repairs estate with specialized technical personnel and the financial sector as real estate loans …….

The key to every business transaction is the necessary relationship of trust that leads to successful completion of contracts with a view to efficiency gains in money Stass like to acquire the ideal property.

Please note that, through our website you will find information on real opportunities and valuable properties to buy and rent without brokerage fee from the buyer and renter and are fully ….in what you are looking for.

KTIMATAGORAS innovation is to explore properties to rent or buy from the person without intermediaries and without brokerage fees. Owners can benefit from our services with direct contact and direct agreement.

Our company due to our yearly extensive experience in the international real estate as an investmenting and constructing company, as well as property management company in international level is one of the largest organizations in the industry with exclusives sales - rentals - property management in local and international market.

We have the leading manufacturers then any other company in the area.

Our pleased customers both in Greece and abroad are the source of all buyers.
All our staff are full trained and skilled in their profession.

We have an impressive web presence.
We have an innovative referral network.
We have the best technology and the know-how in the field of real estate.
We have been committed in providing high quality services.
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